The SSGM SCHOOL (English medium) is spread over 7 acres of land and its run under Shree Narnarayan Dev Bhuj. SSGM SCHOOL is nested among natural opulence of greenery along Nakhatrana highway between Manakuva and Samatra (India), in a sprawling 7 acres of safe and pollution free environment surrounded by hills. The campus is absolutely calm, quiet, with large areas of gardens, lawns and playgrounds that merges with nature. It attracts tranquility and serenity for students to concentrate in their studies. The infrastructure of the school is large enough to house students with 15 classrooms in academic block, a library, science lab, Maths Lab, computer lab, a multimedia room etc.

The School’s spacious grounds are attractively landscaped with carefully selected trees, bushes and flowering plants, creating a welcoming environment and providing pleasant meeting places for pupils during breaks.

Sociol-cultural events such as debates, quizzes, art contests, craft shows, talent evenings, socials and other friendly and enriching gatherings. SSGM SCHOOL also frequently takes part in inter-school events, both in sports as well as in academics, and these would include debating, dramatics, athletics, sports events and cultural meets. There are also opportunities to expand one’s horizons through formal dinners hosted by VIP guests, weekend activities and a wide variety of trips.


  • 15 large, bright and airy rooms which are used for classes.
  • Air conditioned IT Laboratory with 45 computers.
  • Air conditioned Multimedia hall.
  • Fully equipped Laboratories for Science.
  • Well equipped resource library with over 1,500 books.


  • Playgrounds for Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Khokho, Kabadi and Skating, Athletics etc .
  • Indoor Sports like, Table Tennis, Kerum, and Chess, Rope Yoga, Wrestling, Acrobatics etc.
  • Swimming pools.


  • Yoga and Meditation training.
  • Indian Music, dance and drama training.
  • Audio – Video studio.


  • Prayer hall
  • Boys dormitories - primary (Narnarayan wing) three floors with 36 rooms.
  • Boys dormitories - secondary (Ghanashyam wing) three floors with 36 rooms.
  • One Dining Hall.
  • Fully Mechanized Kitchen with cold storage.
  • Laundry
  • Every floor has separate Bathrooms/Lavatories with hot water supply.
  • Special clinic room for sick and ill student with first aid kit and medicines.
  • Safe drinking water supply (from mineral water filter Machine R.O.)