Our Facility

Let the Learning Begin

We are group of teachers who really love childrens and enjoy every moment of teaching and playing with our students.Our teachers graduated from differnt Universities with as different subjects but its all included in Education Major. Therefore, we are very confident with our knowledge and teaching skills.


The school library is well equipped with over 2,000 Books, for academic as well as entertainment. The library subscribes to several Indian magazines. The library is constantly updated with the latest arrivals. Several educational and sports CDs also find pride of place along with other books in the school library. Soon, a digital library with internet-enabled computers will facilitate students to research online.

Best selling books by eminent authors for children books and comics on Indian and world culture, mythology, history are most popular with children. Every class has two library periods every week which they utilize to the maximum. Teachers and students also use the library for reference for project work, maps and preparing other teaching aids.

Science Lab

The school has well resourced laboratory to conduct practical classes of Science. It is ensured that the laboratories are used right from class VIII onwards to make the learning of various science topics interesting and application based.

Apparatus, specimens, and chemicals are of the standard quality. The labs are well-ventilated and equipped with first aid and fire distinguishers for safety of the students. The classes are conducted in the presence of the science teacher the lab-assistant


Air-conditioned Computer lab of the school has 32 computer systems installed with latest configuration which is capable of accommodating thirty students at a time. The school has a huge collection of educational softwares and interactive games to make the teaching - learning process much more interesting. The lab is connected with internet which facilitate students to have access to the world around and brows the interested topic on net and as well chat with their colleagues around the globe. Computer lab is used to teach not only Computer subject but also various subjects like English, Maths, etc.


Air-conditioned Multimedia Centre, operational with an LCD projector, high-tech sound system and hundreds of educational VCDs, DVDs & encyclopedias on different historical events, scientific research, space technology, geographical & archeological expeditions provide students opportunity to visualize those events and broadening their knowledge and be with world while at SSGM. The experience is truly marvelous and it gives them practical knowledge of the topics being taught in an interesting way.