Besides academics, SSGM offers many co-curricular activities to create a positive learning environment which provides students the freedom to learn, grow and be what they ought to be.

A child needs both, freedom and discipline. Freedom inspires creativity and through discipline he finds the correct expression. It is therefore necessary to balance both for personal development. ctivities such as sports, team games and Tournament of Minds give opportunities to students to excel, learn what healthy competition is about and give meaning to team spirit, essential experience for life in the real world.


Trained coaches guide student in various team and individual sports like cricket, football, basket ball, tennis, table tennis as well as athletics. SSGM Course runs through the school. It is designed to challenge the child's physical fitness, coordination as well as individual and team spirit. Annual sports showcase spirit and skills on the sports field and healthy inter house competition. All students are expected to participate in at least one item.


Sports, speech and drama are compulsory for all students. Students can however choose from the other co-curricular options of music, dance and art as their elective for the year. These electives are skill based and there is a performance/presentation at the end of the year that celebrates the student's honed skills.


There are various academies and clubs to provide greater opportunities to children to involve themselves in different activities as well as to unearth the aptitude of the children in different fields of co-curricular activities. Academies and clubs are formed under the following heads:

  • Science & Maths Club
  • Sports & Games Club
  • Art and Craft and Puppetry Club
  • Yoga Club
  • Creative Writing and Public Speaking Club


Our school has a band for its high standard of performance in every zonal function. Boys with aptitude for this are selected and trained for the school band team.


To nurture and bring out the inner talents, drawing paintings or making things with one's own hands is a perfect way. SSGM Art & Craft club trains students to such an extent that they even organize Art Exhibitions of their own paintings. It is seen that all the students right from class V to XII have exposure and opportunity to express their ability in drawing paintings, wallpapers, and various craft items.


We are happy to announce video viewing facilities for all the students of our school right from Std-V to XII. The cassettes chosen are marketed by government affiliated organizations are internationally renowned companies. The subject matter of the cassettes are concentrated on syllabus-oriented topics such as Physics/ Chemistry/ Maths/ Electronics for higher classes and Wild Life/ Spiritual serials like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Krishna, etc. Documentaries that are informative, educational and entertaining are also included. Similarly, qualities Audio Tapes/ CDs are played to supplement the school educational & cultural activities.


Information technology transcends every sphere of human activity. Quality training is provided to the students in our fully quipped computer lab. At the primary level, students are introduced to Computer Basics. At the high school level, they are introduced to DTP and video editing.


In our constant quest to substantiate student's education with exposure of cultures of the world, we have sought guidance from our own Vedas and Upanishads. Yoga Classes are included in the curriculum from standard V to X. These classes inculcate the psyche of the child not just a sense of physical discipline but also mental harmony and spiritual enlistment.


Field Trips & Outing Form an integral part of the total learning experience at SSGM. They may be planned locally, to places of academic or general relevance and information or outstation places for older students; day trips, overnight or several days. The objective of such learning is educational, physical and recreational. Saints and teachers always accompany such groups and take charge of arrangements, safety and well-being of the group as well as individuals. Sometimes, parents' volunteers are requested to accompany such groups. The added opportunity of close interaction between peers, teachers and the other age groups provides invaluable opportunities to develop inter-personal skills and the values of sharing, caring & collaborative effort.


Another form to convey your internal feeling with vibrating energy is music drama and dance. SSGM students are trained in vocal and instrumental music and classical dances. The school also have it's own Music Band consisting 10 students. The interested students are provided training during sports activity period everyday.


Comprises of ongoing inter-house competition ranging from quiz, recitation, elocution, declamation, story-telling, word games, debates etc. These fixtures are held throughout the year and individual point gained by viewers contribute to the overall house championship.