To create global citizens and leaders of tomorrow, through Vedic wisdom of love, compassion and discipline – frontiers of 21st century citizens who think globally and act locally.

By propagating the words of Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan “Pravartaniya Sadvidya bhuvi yat sukrutam mahat”… This makes School an ideal hub of spiritual, ethical, and social values.

Man cannot live in isolation, however great he may be. He depends on society in every walk of life. It, therefore, becomes his bounden duty to give back to society what he receives from it as Shreeji Maharaj has said in Shikshapatri.

Today the world is a boiling cauldron of social ills like illiteracy, ill health and poverty, compounded by natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. If only each one of us takes up cudgels against just one issue and make it our business to alleviate the problem! How wonderful if each one of us made it our life's mission to provide just one family with the basic necessities of Anna, Akshara and, education and health! One should indeed feel blessed that he has been given an opportunity to serve the needy.

SSGM’s core purpose aims at shaping young adults who will be confident to take life's challenges head-on - anywhere in the world and to provide highest quality of education in a safe, secure and nurturing environment to develop our students into progressive thinkers and lifelong bearers of skills that will prepare them for the challenges of a dynamically changing world.


  • Nurture Individuality
  • We believe that each child is unique and has infinite potential. We will provide multiple opportunities for students to discover and demonstrate their competence and develop their distinctive identities.
  • Provide Maximum Exposure
  • We will offer students and teachers a width of exposure and a culture that inspires creativity. Through this, we endeavour to prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of a globally connected world.
  • Inculcate passion for Excellence
  • We will aim for the highest standards across all areas of growth and development of the learning community.
  • Instill Integrity
  • We will cultivate a sense of fair play, accountability and transparency in everything we do.
  • Encourage Sensitivity
  • We will respond to and encourage sensitivity to each other's cultures, individual needs and differences. We will especially foster awareness and respect for the environment.
  • Foster Dynamism
  • We will be an evolving institution that constantly assesses and refines our systems and processes.